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Some things are crazy, some are amazing and some are cool. If you're lucky, you might find some that are all three.


CrazyAmazingCool.com is dedicated to showcasing fasicinating stories. Each story is given a score called the Crazy Amazing Cool (CAC) score. The CAC score is a combination of the three individual category scores. Each category is given a score with the highest being 5.0. Therefore, the highest possible CAC score is 15. Each category is carefully scored based on the following criteria:

Crazy: Describes an event or performance that normally doesn't happen or shouldn't happen. "wow, he must be crazy to jump off that cliff" or "that is crazy how that house disappeared".

Amazing: Describes an event or performance that is hard to believe can happen. "That is amazing that someone can lift that much weight" or "that is amazing how much snow fell in one hour".

Cool: Describes how we feel about an event or performance. "That is the coolest car ever" or "the Hubble Space Telescope takes the coolest photos".


Top Featured Stories

Extreme kayaking
Tyler Bradt paddles over 186 ft tall Palouse Falls
CAC Score: 13.0 (currently the highest)
Tyler Bradt paddled over 186 ft tall Palouse Falls in a kayak

Master Modeler - Young C. Park
An amazing 1/16th scale P-51D Mustang. Hand crafted from aluminum.
CAC Score: 11.0

Master Modeler Young Park P-51D
Kseniya Simonova Sand Animations
Amazing live performance creating animations from sand.
CAC Score: 9.1
Kseniya Simonova Sand Animations



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