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Extreme kayaking is growing and kayakers are taking greater risks. Probably the craziest stunt to date is one by Tyler Bradt. At 22 years old, he paddled over 186 ft tall Palouse Falls setting the new world record for the Highest waterfall plunge in a kayak. The plunge took 3.7 seconds and it is believed he reached over 100mph! The only thing he broke was his paddle.

Tyler Bradt breaks the world record in kayaking off a 186ft waterfall  Tyler Bradt breaks the world record in kayaking off a 186ft waterfall

Amazing video right! It did leave me wondering: how did you hold onto any part of your paddle after all that? So, is Tyler 100% crazy? What does it feel like entering the water? Well, I'm no expert but it's not like jumping off a 186ft bridge onto still water which would certainly kill a normal person. On the contrary, because you are moving with tons of water, the impact is less severe. There is a lot of air being infused in the water at the landing spot makes it much softer. This is similar to ski jumpers training in a water pool with tons of bubbles to reduce the water density.

Here is a trailer video for the movie Dream Result by River Roots in association with Revolutionary Innovations. This plung will be highlighted in this film. I will definitely get this for my movie collection. One guy is trying for a back flip in the middle of a huge rapid! For more info visit www.river-roots.com

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Crazy = 4.8 Can't get much crazier than this. I know that Tyler thinks this is calculated, but you don't know if there is debris in the water. If you run into something doing 100mph, you will lose.

Amazing = 3.9 While it is amazing to think that anyone would ever pull a stunt like this, overall, this isn't all that amazing. People have plunged off waterfalls for centuries. This just happened to be a huge plung. It is amazing that he survived unscratched.

Cool=4.3 Kayaking is fun. Waterfalls are neat. Certainly kayaking off a huge waterfall is pretty cool.

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