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Mr. Young's story is quite amazing, and even more so if you're a fan of old airplanes or a model builder. One of his recent projects was a 1/16th scale model of the coolest piston engine airplane ever constructed, the P-51D Mustang. Below is Mr. Young in his workshop. You can tell from all his tools that he is a craftsman, but not an ordinary one.

Young Park at work in his shop

Young Park's Shop

Before we go further, lets take a brief look at the P-51D Mustang. For those of you who have not seen a P-51 live, here is a good taste:

Probably one of the best known P-51D for its many appearances at the Reno Air Races is Dago Red. Dago Red is a remarkable plane that has been modified for speed. It is one of the fastest piston driven airplanes just behind the remarkable Rare Bear. Below Dago Red is shown being pulled out from the tent just prior to a race. The sound this plane makes as it roars past doing 500+ mph is breath taking.

P-51D Mustang Dago Red

This P-51D Mustang called Petie III is perhaps a better example of a stock P-51D.

Jeff's P-51D


So now that you know a little bit about the P-51D, let's continue on with the story of Mr. Young. Below are several photos of his 1/16th scale model of a P-51D. Every component is hand crafted from aluminum. Although the engine will not fire up, almost every detail is included and functions. He is truly a master of this unique craft.

P-51 1/16th scale model

P-51 model front view

This is a close-up of him working on a Corsair model. You can really get a sense for the complexity and size. All the mechanisms operate like the real deal. Makes you wonder how he does it.

Small parts hand fabricated

He carved the hub from a block of aluminum. He then pokes at it to give it a cast-like finish. The cut-aways are fantastic!

The propeller of the P-51

P-51 cockpit

P-51 cockpit top view

P-51 ammunition bullets bay

To learn more about Mr. Young and his amazing P-51D model, please visit www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/park.htm

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Crazy = 2.5 You have to be a little crazy to put in the hundreds of hours it takes to construct a master piece like this. But I think Mr. Young is only half crazy. His reward is others awe and amazement of his talents. This is often worth the hours put into such a project.

Amazing = 4.2 His attention to detail and the fact that most of the detail functions and is super tiny is nothing short of amazing. I only gave it 4.2 because it is still feasible to me that someone can do this.

Cool=4.3 Choosing a P-51D Mustang is cool. Sculpting from aluminum is cool. Donating to a museum is cool.

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